Sell like the Devil

Two little girls were talking in church one day.

“Do you believe in the devil?” one asked.

“Not really,” the other girl said. “It’s just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It’s your father.”

I get loads of sales horror stories which are simply complaints or indictments against sales managers.

Some managers are nice and fuzzy in their approach to coaching.

Others are like the evil wizards in kids’ fairy tales. They bark, badger and bust reps for poor performance.

If you grow up to be a sales manager, what would be your style?

If you are a sales manager, are you known for kind, caring words or tough love?

People tend to respond better to one approach or another. Prospects (okay, they’re people too) also tend to respond to benefits (good stuff) or consequences (bad stuff).

So do you sell like the Devil or sell like Santa Claus?

How do you determine which tactic to take with each individual?

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