Selling and Wild Animals

There is a coyote alert in our neighborhood That’s suburban Chicago. It’s not Montana or the hills above Los Angeles. These wild dogs are roving around town and I’ve seen them. They’re pretty small – not like in the movies where animals the size of middle linebackers bark and howl at the moon. So little dogs; big, big appetites.

It’s no surprise that people are putting up notices for missing mutts and cats.

Folks, the bad news is that your precious little critters are not coming back.

Your pets are not lost, they’re lunch.

Great sales leads can be just as frustrating to find.

Are your prospects good enough to drive sales higher than the hills?

Or are your competitors lunching on the real leads – the ones that are high quality and hot?

And like good pets, good leads are great to have around.

Just this morning, three coyotes walked through our back yard and with snow on the ground and below zero temperatures (not below freezing, but zero) they did look thin.

Whose feasting on your pet prospects? How well do you measure up to the competition?

Look soon for my thoughts on how to attack a strong competitor.

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