Selling Blunders and Selling Pros

Entrepreneurs and salespeople know how tough this life is. So you can come here to to learn from your peers who have crashed and burned in front of prospects.

You’ll not only laugh through some hilarious sales horror stories, but you’ll discover what distinguishes world class sales pros from everyone else. Each tale has a “postmortem” that reveals how to deal with each mistake.

Funny and useful.

And I’d love to have your confession. Tell me your most embarrassing sales moment and you could win a Sales Comic Book – there is nothing like it on this planet (possibly any planet). Have a peak at a couple comics at

When I speak at national sales conferences the attendees have a unique experience hearing failures, rather than success stories. See, who wants to know about someone’s great performance when it only makes everyone else feels 2nd best?

We’d all rather glorify failure and whisper to our friends, “Thank God that didn’t happen to me.”

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