Selling is a Gamble in Las Vegas

I’m at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas where the largest jewelry show in the country is going on.

Nobody needs what they’re selling.

Think about this: Salespeople are selling manufactured products, raw diamonds and precious stones to retail salespeople who will sell you a $3 million dollar necklace or $30,000 watch. I stood at one booth that had $50 million dollars in stones on display.

My brother (who works in the diamond business) described how affluent buyers buy expensive jewelry in a tough economy – they do it to feel better. Then they buy in a good economy to reward themselves.

How badly does your prospect need your product or service? Very few of us sell something that is as opulent and expensive as high-end jewelry.

And I’m not discounting the emotional sale that is attached to buyers’ feelings about the spectacular products lighting up the trade show floor here. Let’s look at what you sell.

Chances are (oops, Las Vegas language creeping in) your prospects really do need what you are dealing.

Believe in the value of what you sell. Believe in the problems you solve and the benefits you offer. Do you believe that your sales job is much easier than that of the retail rep who has to sell this $3 million dollar 30 carat center-stone yellow diamond necklace?

Sometimes it’s nice just knowing as tough as your selling might be, others are having it harder than you.

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