Selling the New James Bond

The controversy over actor Daniel Craig taking the role of James Bond has reached epidemic proportions.

Traditional Bond fans are sick of the idea of a blonde Bond. They see Craig as a wimp. He runs like a girl claim many macho fans and it was leaked that he chipped a tooth while filming a fight scene. There’s even a rumor that his next film will have him with a male love interest – CIA counterpart Felix Leiter. This is James Bond?

So it’s no surprise that an anti-Craig website is getting massive attention:

Here’s the truth of it all. The creators of the Bond films decided to go back to the beginning, to create a new character, in essence re-writing the origins of the world greatest super spy.

By doing this they revive their brand. Everything that springs from Daniel Craig’s personification of Bond is now new.

How does this idea sound to you? How does it sound FOR you?

Do you need a new you?

Go back to roots of your sales life. Remember the emotion packed into those early year?

Passion for a new job mixed with confusion about handling prospects. Learning about the sales life was critical to surviving.

If you could rewind your life, return to re-create a new you, what would it look like?

What would you change, fix, do over? What would stay the same?

Selling can be an exotic existence. Fascinating characters, expensive cars, remote locations, good prospects and evil ones.

Sounds a lot like the life of James Bond.

Revisit your roots, re-discover the reasons you got into sales, and renew your passion for our profession.

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