Selling & Stuffed Animals

Want to get a good laugh out of your kids?

Tell them you are going to win a staring contest – with one of their stuffed animals.

I lay in bed, eyes locked on the small, but fierce-looking pug. He was a Webkin, meaning he also had the power of the Internet backing his tail.

The world began spinning as I fought to keep my eyelids from flickering. The dryness was the worst part of the contest, as my eyes began to feel as if they’d been rubbed wide open in the fur of the little beast.

Children cheered, but my concentration was so intense, I didn’t hear if they were for me, or him.

In an instant it was over, and my kids began to laugh at my loss. “Dad, you can never win against a stuffed animal. He has no eyelids.”

You can never win.

That’s a nasty thought. Here’s a nastier one — what activities during your day are absolute losers? Which things do you engage in, when you sell, that have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF RESULTING IN A WIN?

Are you chasing bad prospects? Perhaps you’re doing paperwork during time when you can be accessing potential clients? Or are you using old techniques that now rub buyers the wrong way?

Remove from your day, activities that result in a “You can never win.”

Do this, and in the blink of an eye, you become a better sales rep.

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