Selling Thoughts from Jupiter

I’m camping with my son in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. They have a computerized telescope at the camp. It is a very cool instrument.

I look into it and am gazing at the planet Jupiter – 390 million miles away!

But a mere 240,000 miles away I can’t see the moon. It is hidden behind some trees. And it is full, spectacularly full. I simply walk around some giant pine trees and am hypnotized by the thing.

And since we’re enamored of numbers at the time of this writing (well, at least I am), I want to mention that an experiment in 1997 – where scientists bounced lasers off the moon’s surface – showed that our neighborly satellite is exactly 15 billion inches from earth (based on viewing habits, your mileage might vary).

So that night I could see 390 million miles away, but was blind to 240,000 miles. Interesting paradox.

How’s your vision about your business, your future, your potential?

Can you spot yourself way, way, way down the road?

Can you peek at yourself around the corner?

You need the ability to see long and short term to be successful.

Stop and gaze into the telescope of your sales life. And try to survey what your future life looks like in the near and the far.

The exercise will do your eyeballs and brains some good.

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