Skier’s Anonymous

Since I grew up going to the beach, I can’t relate to this like my midwest friends, but a Skier’s Anonymous Club has been formed.

If you get the craving to ski, they send someone over to break your leg.

Almost every successful sales professional has a someone like this.

Someone to shout “STOP” when your behavior is becoming destructive.

Someone to shout “GO FOR IT” when you behavior is right on track for success.

It’s all about accountability.

Do you have someone who cares enough about your future to serve you this way?

Find an accountability partner. Use this person after you return from a conference or read a book or want to debrief after good or bad sales calls.

They might visit or handle you by phone, but either way, this key person in your life can be anonymous to the rest of your world, while helping smooth your path as you ski through the mountains and valleys that come with a life in sales.

Accountability. You got it?

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