Smoking Ban Reveals Selling Secret…

Michael Windisch, proprietor of the Maltermeister Turm restaurant in Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany, solved what has become a crisis for other restaurants since the state extended a smoking ban in August. Windisch opened three holes in an outer wall so that, in cold weather, a smoker need not venture outside but can stick his head and arms through the holes and puff away while remaining inside (according to a December report in Der Spiegel). [, 12-20-07]


Creative solution to accommodate (SELL!) more customers! This sales approach is more about problem solving than benefits (i.e., here are all the good things that will happen when you buy from us).

So what secret do we see in this news item? What does work better than Feature/Benefits selling?

Every sales pro should have two approaches developed to promote their products and services. Some buyers are sold by solving problems. Some are sold by gaining benefits.

How do you identify which animal is which? More later or contact me directly on this fascinating and critical element which ever salesperson should adapt.

But for now, just create a list of benefits you offer and problems you solve. You gain flexibility on your calls and can smoke the competition!

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