Snakes & Sales

A Newly-Found Snake Can Change Its Color

June 27, 2006 — Researchers scouring swamps in the heart of Borneo island have discovered a venomous species of snake that can change its skin color, the conservation group WWF announced Tuesday. The ability to change skin color is known in some reptiles, such as the chameleon, but scientists have seen it rarely with snakes and have not yet understood this phenomenon, the group said in a statement.” I put the reddish-brown snake in a dark bucket,” said Mark Auliya, a reptile expert and a consultant for the group. “When I retrieved it a few minutes later, it was almost entirely white.”

Great sales professionals change colors to survive in a world of diverse prospects.

How flexible are you in your language and behavior? Do you respect others by having custom conversations? Or are you still pitching like the old snake oil salesmen of days gone by – shoutin’ the same message to every face in every town?

When you help potential customers to talk about their specific needs they will lead you down many different paths. Your job is to see that as many paths as possible end in a close.

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