Spectacular Holiday Gift

A common theme you will notice in my writing is gratitude.

A great example is “Poorly Paid Insects” where I note that the “annual value of insect services in the US is around US$57 billion.” Then ask you to think about and thank someone who can be categorized as “Who is helping in the background?”

Two years ago I was brought in to speak at the Ball State University Sales Symposium and developed a good friendship with Jim Micklos of Motivation Excellence (a BSU grad, former football star, and board member for this event which the sales school sponsors).

We’ve referred business back and forth and I got a MONSTER thank you package in the mail this week from Jim.

The Hammond Atlas of the World is a perfect gift from a company that handles sales motivation programs by sending reps all over the world for winning award contests. This coffee table book reinforces the Motivation Excellence brand and had to be ridiculously expensive. Over 400 blindingly beautiful maps and charts pepper the pages. My name is even engraved on the cover – in gold.
So three things to note;

1) Thank you to Jim for thanking me so dramatically and memorably,

2) Smart idea to find a gift that so perfectly matches what the giver stands for,

3) If you want speak with the best company I’ve ever encountered for increasing sales with world-class incentive programs, contact Jim Micklos at www.MEIweb.com – 847-202-8400 jmicklos@meiweb.com.

How well and how smartly are you saying thank you to people feeding your family?

P.S. Jim’s company gets its revenue from your sales increases, not by asking for a ton of money up front! How much more invested could a partner be in your newly found success?

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