Speed of Life Selling

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Willy the tortoise made a break for freedom — well, break may be too strong a word. It was more like a slow crawl.

But after a month on the lam, the 40-pound tortoise with a 2-foot-wide, gold-colored shell is back in the wading pool at his owner’s home.

Kellie Copeland-Burnup reported the tortoise had escaped July 1.

A local emergency medical services technician spotted Willy on Sunday along a rural road about five miles away. During six weeks on the run, Willy averaged .005 mph, well short of a new land speed record.

The tortoise is now inside a chain-link dog kennel in Copeland-Burnup’s back yard although she knows he is capable of digging under a fence.

“I’ll be keeping an eye on him,” Copeland-Burnup said.
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A great question in selling is do you work slowly or quickly?

Is it slow and steady to nurture relationships into accounts?

Or is it qualify quickly, then sell ’em or walk away?

Both speeds has advantages. Great sales pros can do both.

Which do you need to work on? Turtling your way through interactions or moving on more quickly?

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