Spying on Prospects…

As several sightings were made around Washington, D.C., of dragonfly-looking bugs hovering in the air at political events, government agencies were denying that they had released any tiny surveillance robots, according to an October Washington Post investigation. “I look up and I’m like, ‘What the hell is that?'” asked a college student at an antiwar rally in Washington. “They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But … those are not insects.” Several agencies and private entities admitted to the Post that they were trying to develop such devices, but no one took credit for having them in the air yet. [Washington Post, 10-9-07]

So science turns its back on fiction and flies into reality. Here’s your thought, sales pro;

What are you doing to monitor your prospects? To monitor your clients and customers as well?

You can spy on both current and future buyers by subscribing to their email newsletters. And how about just connecting with these people with a phone call. No “just checking to see how you’re doing” stuff. Have a specific reason.

I called a Southwest Airlines marketing exec to see how his sales training initiative was going (I made the short list, but was too expensive for them). My reason to call; all the airline bankruptcies. This was not a concern of Southwest’s.

The opening statement was, “So, with all the financial troubles hitting your industry, does your competition hate your guts?”

So manage existing relationships by connecting and fishing professionally for information when you can. For those cold calls, those potential buyers, subscribe to their company ezine (everyone has one now) and get the inside scoop on where they’re growing and what they might be struggling with.

I (and you should also) have several web-based email addresses where I can anonymously subscribe to potential buyers’ information AS WELL AS MY COMPETITORS.

You can be fly unobtrusively through the lives of people who can feed your family, by being smarter than your competition. Get in the air and gather data today.

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