Statistics (you’ve got to be kidding)

On Thursday, July 20th, 2006 Chicago White Sox baseball player Jose Contreras became the first pitcher to lose back-to-back games – after winning 17 games – in 68 years.

Baseball must be the ultimate nerd’s sport with statistics to spout on every imaginable part of the game.

How about this one? Does someone track the locations of foul balls by stadiums and teams, in order to determine where best to sit and catch one? If you have that somewhere, please let me know.

So what do you track in sales?

Number of phone calls (total calls, times through to decision-maker, literature requests, appointments)?

Face-to-face meetings (closes, next steps, which of these jokers hides behind voicemail after promising to re-connect)?

Average contacts to a close?

Best lists to generate business?

Your numbers tracking can go on forever, but you do want to know your numbers, at least on some level.

What data is most important to you and how can you tweak it to get better results?

Not enough leads, better contact list needed.

Not enough times past the gatekeeper to the decision-maker, better motivational language needed.

Not enough money to take home, all of the above needed, and more.

What should you be tracking?

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