Steal Office Supplies

NEW YORK (Reuters) — Young workers in the United States are twice as likely as older colleagues to steal office supplies for home use without thinking it is wrong, a new study says.

And all those missing paper clips and pens add up to more than $50 billion a year.

One in five workers age 18 to 24 did not feel it was wrong to take home office supplies, said the Spherion Workplace Snapshot, an online survey.

Time for a tough question;

Are you completely honest in your selling life?

Or do you steal from your company, yourself, or your prospects?

Just take time itself as an example. Giving all your available time means you exhibit integrity. Stealing time (a harsh term for simply wasting available resources) means you’re not totally honest.

Office supplies are the tip of the integrity iceberg.

So don’t steal anything – from your boss, marketplace or career.

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