Sudoku Puzzles and Sales Pros

Sudokus! They’re the craze of the puzzle solving set. Plain old crossword puzzle creators are losing their jobs by the score. Despondent, these jobless writers are using their last bottles of ink to play hangman, then putting themselves in the noose and ending their puzzling careers.

Basically, sudoku puzzles are composed of a 9×9 grid filled with numbers and blank spaces. You must use numbers 1-9 in each row and 3×3 section, without duplicating any number in a row. There are literally tens of millions of puzzle possibilities.

Sudoku Puzzle

How has this unique, new format from Japan taken the world by storm?

First of all, if you like evidence, Sudoku puzzle books have constantly been on International Best Seller Lists for the past couple years.

From a selling standpoint there are three lessons here…

1) There are different levels from easy to evil. So anyone can play.

2) More people play these than crossword puzzles (which require tremendous knowledge to complete)

3) The solutions, whether easy or evil, all follow a system. Learn the system, solve the puzzle.

Connect these three facts to three questions about how well you sell.

Do you customize your conversations for each prospect, some who are easy to sell to, some who are evil? Sales Pros don’t treat everyone the same.

Do you have multiple marketing strategies to reach out to the largest potential audience? Sales Pros have more people in their pipeline and therefore make more money.

Do you follow a selling system? Bad and mediocre reps are puzzled by what happens when they don’t close a sale. Sales Pros know exactly where they’re at when they sell because they’re following a system – be it Miller Heiman, Sandler Sales Institute, Spin Selling or a corporate methodology.

So take it from Sudoku – customize conversation, attack the broadest possible market and systematically sell everyone you meet.

And that’s the solution to selling smart.

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