Super Bowl Shame 2007

Today’s thought is on dealing with adversity.

The Chicago Bears were humiliated by the Super Bowl performance of perpetually less-than-mediocre quarterback Rex Grossman. In an accurate interpretation of whether the Indianapolis Colts really won vs. whether the Bears lost, ESPN sporswriter Michael Smith suggested that King of bad quarterbacks, Rex should have won the MVP. He was almost single-handedly responsible for the Colts’ win;

So our American football fan world woke up happy or disgusted this morning, depending on who you were cheering for.

How well do you work through bad, really bad things that happen when you sell?

I know, as a serious athlete, how sick you can feel after a terrible loss in a big game.

The question is how long are you sick and how tough do you take the unhappy ending to your sale?

There’s an old sales addage that goes YES, NO, NEXT.

This means you get YES, rejoice and move on. You get the NO, move on to the NEXT prospect.

Just keep moving on. Can you do YES, NO, NEXT? Can you do it quickly?

The faster you mentally shift to the next call, the healthier you are in selling.

This thinking will help you move from mediocre to masterful. And that can gain you Super Bowl quality earnings.

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