Surfin’ & Sellin’

If you were in South Africa recently, you might have seen 73 surfers — ages 7 to 67 — ride the same wave for five seconds and break a Guinness Book of Records best of 44 people in Ireland.

Surfing Selling

That’s total teamwork. But in selling are you really “on a team”?

You compete with yourself long before and much, much more than you compete with your peers.

Even before you match wit, strength and pricing with competitors, you compete with yourself.

How many more calls can you make each day (in person or by phone)?

Can you cut out some time-wasters during your selling hours?

Stop competing with yourself. Start focusing on your performance.

Surf solo, surf smoothly, surf swiftly. Forget the team for one week and see if you don’t set some personal Guinness World Records of your own.

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