Surprises – Good or Bad?

A motorist casually traveling on a highway had his vehicle crushed by an airborne cow (this time, near Manson, Wash., in November). The 600-pound cow had fallen off a cliff, totaling the minivan but not injuring the driver, who was quoted in an Associated Press dispatch saying repeatedly, “I don’t believe this.” [Seattle Post-Intelligencer-AP, 11-6-07]

In what situation is a surprise a good thing in sales?

When you give a new client a thank you gift – good thing.

When you under promise and over deliver – good thing.

When you introduce a great new product or service – good thing.

What scenario makes for a bad surprise?

When you aren’t forthright with delivery trouble – bad thing.

When your new client experience leads to buyer’s remorse – bad thing.

When you make a failed first impression on a new prospect – bad thing.

Plan surprises for prospects. It delights their hearts. Think about the joy that comes from your good unexpected moments.

Find a unique gift (I’ll be discover loads of them at the Motivation Show in Chicago next month, September 23-25), and deliver it – preferably in person. See if that doesn’t deepen your relationship and erode the competitive edge others have built in the background.

And let me know what you did. I’llĀ  share it here.

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