Swimming the Amazon!!??

Jan. 23, 2007 — Daredevil Slovenian swimmer Martin Strel, who has swum the Yangtze, the Danube and the Mississippi rivers, plans to embark on a 70-day swim down the Amazon, from Peru to Brazil, local media reported.

The never-before-attempted 3,370-mile feat will be filmed and broadcast in real time starting Feb. 1 over the Internet on www.amazonswim.com, Andre Souza, a member of Strel’s team, told the daily Folha de Sao Paulo on Wednesday.

The intrepid Slovene, who has become a national hero in his home country, has already earned three mentions in the Guinness World Records book.

I’m going to swim in the middle of the river, where there is less of a chance of encountering dangerous fish and venomous snakes. My team is prepared, and we also have weapons on board to protect me if I am attacked,” Strel told Folha.

He was also the first to swim the United States’ 2,373-mile Mississippi River, in 2002.


Wow! Three great things about Martin Strel that sales pros can take to heart;

1) He has the guts to do something nobody else does. So how do you distinguish (REALLY, TRULY DISTINGUISH) yourself from the competition?

2) Failure can have dramatic consequences. Maybe if losing were more costly, we’d take more seriously the time we invest in our selling career. That includes skill improvement, ignoring (quickly) bad prospects and getting great training.

3) It’s a long journey mixed with great drama and long bouts of boredom. True sales pros realize that much of our work is plodding; just making the volume of calls to get to the best buyers. Then suddenly our lives are interrupted by success. We celebrate, then go back to stroking the phones.

Fame, true success and money can be yours, if you’ll commit to swimming the Amazon in your territory.

Take a deep breath and dive in!

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