Taco Bell Pack Rats

In August, about a dozen masked men lugged six 40-gallon trash bags full of sauce packets into the Taco Bell on South Western Avenue in Marion, Ind., leaving a note explaining that they had been accumulating them for a while and decided to give them back. They suspected they had 25,000 packets. (Taco Bell said it hands out about 6 billion a year.) [Chronicle Tribune (Grand County, Ind.), 8-10-06]

Funny incident, funny imagery, funny that it might be a sad reflection on the dangers of accumulation in our lives.

We pack rat stuff in our office and in our brains. This might include manuals of training programs we never applied (oh, that would be something that never made it to our brain); old thinking/strategies that don’t work with prospects like the past; even piles of papers we see daily, but will never look at again.

What do you need to get rid of the most?

Is it a physical cleanup, to feel better, to better find things you need?

Is it a mental cleanup, to gain healthy thinking that leads to a wealthy lifestyle?

Why not take a moment and inventory your pack rat accumulation of “debris” and figure out what needs to go.

And please don’t send any of it to me.

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