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Energizer Stupidity…

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

A recent sales horror story I experienced…

Bought small hard case Energizer flashlight for my kids’ camping trip. There were NO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO OPEN IT to put batteries in.

So I undid screws on the body of the flashlight, all the time wondering how they could dress up the package with lots of bragging about how great the product was, but couldn’t help the buyer use it. So I took out theĀ  screws – LIKE PROBABLY 10,000 OTHER (ex)CUSTOMERS. That did nothing, the thing didn’t even come apart.

So I WENT ONLINE TO FIND OUT HOW TO PUT BATTERIES IN THE FLASHLIGHT. A $10 purchase and I have to use the internet to find out how to use it?


Way to go Energizer – thanks for providing the entertainment and an example of how not to do business.

Remember that energizer bunny commercial where the alien spaceship comes and takes the little rodent away?

We need that same spaceship to suck up the product marketing design people from Energizer. It’s for the good of the company and its customers.