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(Hilarious) Sales Guy Gets Even (and Sued)

Friday, September 16th, 2011

When a restaurant in cowboy country (Montana) rejected the advances of a Yellow Pages ad rep, the salesman decided to give the place a free ad under the category “ANIMAL CARCASS REMOVAL.”

The enraged business owners are suing Dex Media, Inc. for a loss of revenue related to the nasty joke (and they continue to receive prank phone calls to boot).

Then to add insult to empty tables, Jay Leno mentioned the listing earlier this year on The Tonight Show.

Details are here…

Okay, sales pros – you really want to have healthy responses to rejection. You want to move on without risking time in court and your career.

I highly recommend the old-school thinking of “Yes, No, Next” after every selling encounter.

YES! You got the sale, that’s good.

NO! You got rejected, that’s good, too.

NEXT! Either way the prospect goes, we’re on to the next buyer.

I dedicate over 30 pages to the mental health of sales pros in my upcoming book, The Guide to Ultimate Sales Training (Pfeiffer, 2012). For details, contact me at the new email address

Stay healthy my friends.