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The Performance

Monday, November 30th, 2009

A musician was performing a solo recital in Israel. When he ended the last selection, a thunderous response came from the audience, including many cries of “Play it again.”

He stepped forward, bowed, and said, “What a wonderful, moving response. Of course I shall be delighted to play it again.” And he did.

At the end, again there was a roar from the audience, and again many cries of “Play it again.” This time the soloist came forward smiling and said, “Thank you. I have never been so touched in all my concert career. I should love to play it again, but there is no time, for I must perform tonight in Tel Aviv. So thank you from the bottom of my heart – and farewell.”

Immediately a voice was heard from the back of the hall saying, “You will stay here and play it again, until you get it right.”

Hey, selling pro do you know what one of the best of the best practices there is for sales?


Practicing your dialogues, your opening, your handling of resistance, your closing and doing all this with your peers.

Great sales pros do not practice on prospects. They nail down every influential word, every nuance long before they stand, sit or phone potential clients.

So go practice, again and again and again, until you get it right.