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Favorite SPAM of the week

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

“Staff Development” read the invitation I received from Penny. I was being asked to attend Effective Strategies for Classroom Behavior Management.

The presenter/trainer/speaker/expert was a gentleman with lots of letters after his name (this included BS which is funny, ha ha BS, but also strange since nobody brags about their Bachelor’s degree, since if you have a Masters – he did, you already have a BA or BS, and to top it off the guy was also an MD).

He was from the esteemed state of Mississippi.

Now, I have many readers from MS, most likely in the thousands and probably all quite successful. But it’s sad to report that the kids from this state are a bit behind the curve in academic performance. So I replied to my SPAM of the week sender…

Penny, I’m curious. I don’t know why you sent this to me, or where you got my name.

But you offer an event I won’t attend featuring an expert from Mississippi, a state that’s ranked 46th in the country.

Overall State Grade: D+
Chance of Student Success: D+
School Finance: D+
K-12 Achievement: F

Why would someone attend this?

Business pros, this begs the question, WHO ARE YOU GETTING YOUR ADVICE, YOUR EDUCATION FROM?

Is it your unemployed brother-in-law (“Hey, we should take a month off and compete in The Amazing Race)?

The guy at the dog track in Tucson (“greyhounds with brown splotches are fastest”)?

Someone who’s reputation and pedigree are questionable at best?

This lesson is similar to the advice of buying the best car, computer, clothes and more.

Great products and great education last longer and others will notice the difference in your appearance and brainpower.

So that’s your mini-course for the day, Effective Strategies for Career Behavior Management.

And that’s all from my favorite SPAM of the week. See, optimistic people can find value in almost everything.

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