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(Hilarious) Sales Guy Gets Even (and Sued)

Friday, September 16th, 2011

When a restaurant in cowboy country (Montana) rejected the advances of a Yellow Pages ad rep, the salesman decided to give the place a free ad under the category “ANIMAL CARCASS REMOVAL.”

The enraged business owners are suing Dex Media, Inc. for a loss of revenue related to the nasty joke (and they continue to receive prank phone calls to boot).

Then to add insult to empty tables, Jay Leno mentioned the listing earlier this year on The Tonight Show.

Details are here…

Okay, sales pros – you really want to have healthy responses to rejection. You want to move on without risking time in court and your career.

I highly recommend the old-school thinking of “Yes, No, Next” after every selling encounter.

YES! You got the sale, that’s good.

NO! You got rejected, that’s good, too.

NEXT! Either way the prospect goes, we’re on to the next buyer.

I dedicate over 30 pages to the mental health of sales pros in my upcoming book, The Guide to Ultimate Sales Training (Pfeiffer, 2012). For details, contact me at the new email address

Stay healthy my friends.

Christmas Collision – Flying Football Ends Sale

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Edwin’s Incomplete Pass Ends a Sale

We’re calling on a major retailer during the holiday season.

We includes my trainee (whom I’m supposed to coach to be a super sales rep like me) and me, a super sales rep.

The headquarters store is huge, the company’s pride and joy. It’s decorated from top to bottom. Christmas trees sit on every floor, as do displays of Chanukah candles. Running on invisible fishing line down the length of each aisle are hundreds of spectacular glass ornaments.

In contrast to the anxious shoppers, my buddy and I are lighthearted. There’s a good chance we’ll be landing this company as a client. And if we don’t, holiday bonuses are coming our way anyway.

So it was with the joy of a school kid on Christmas break that I picked up a football and waved my trainee down the main aisle of the store. He jogged past shoppers, around some small displays and raised his hand signaling the fact that he was as open for business as the mega store.

I launched the ball toward my receiver.

Its arc took it toward an unseen wire and struck the slender obstacle, falling to the floor.

I watched in horror as the wire swung upward. It reached its peak and fell, 100 beautiful, delicate ornaments unhooking themselves, hovering momentarily in mid-air, then dropping to the ground.

Popping, shattering, tinkling – glass scattered down that aisle, showering shoppers and merchandise.

There was nowhere to hide. And nowhere to sell. The President of the company was on the floor, having come down to meet us. His only comment was (sternly), “Gentleman, call us after the season.” Of course they never returned another call.

POSTMORTEM: Edwin – Happy Holidays! Great visuals and sounds to the story. Question for Edwin & salespeople reading this; if you could play any sport in the world, then pick a teammate, who would you pick? I’ll bet nobody’s answer includes some 3rd grader who trips over shoelaces he or she could barely tie. What do you think your prospects would answer? Right, regardless of the sport, they’d pick the top pro out there. They want the same quality in vendors, the best pros out there. So act like a pro start to finish. And your sales call could end with the gift of a sale.