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The Concept of Selective Selfishness, Marriage & How to Start 2010

Monday, January 4th, 2010

My nephew David Guthrie the 3rd (and grandson of David Maximus Guthrie) just married Katie this past holiday weekend.

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

During the reception I gave the bride a tip about the perfect time to be selfish in a new marriage.

I pulled my wedding band off my finger and showed it to her – a ring of triangles, alternatively facing up and down as you see in the image.

The bottom points of the triangle represent me and my Princess Bride Wendy. The highest point represents God. ∆

My job, our job, is to WORK ON OURSELVES FIRST, to do what we need to do in order to get closer to God. In doing so, we end up closer to each other. We have then brought to our partner the best possible person we have to offer. That’s a great alliance of love and smarts.

This concept of Selective Selfishness works anywhere you are determined to improve your performance.

It applies to your business life: How are the influence skills you bring to the table?

It applies to your personal life: How well do you offer a better person to your friends and family?

Selective Selfishness – what do you need to work on? You alone are responsible for you success, your growth, your wisdom and knowledge.

Let’s get Selectively Selfish in 2010!

Christmas Dream Fulfilled

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Picture this, you’re Mattel Toys – Barbie Dolls – and you’re suing your biggest competitor, MGA – Bratz Dolls.

The judge rules that a complete infringement occured and Bratz must COMPLETELY CEASE MANUFACTURING IT’S PRODUCT!

In addition, Judge Larson also ordered MGA to reimburse its vendors and distributors for the cost of the dolls and all shipping charges for sending them back. TRIPLE OUCH!

Merry Christmas, Mattel!

So sales pro, what would you do if your competition, your biggest competition, suddenly ceased to exist? How would you hunt? Cherry pick the prospects you’ve been closest to? Target the big Gorillas you’d love to sell best? How would you hunt?

You’re not going to wait for a judge to help you out, though. You’re going to target and torment your competition with skills and effort, something you can control. Something a judge can neither award you nor take away.

So make 2009 a year to improve your performance by working on yourself.

Because whether you have the better product or service or not. You can still be the better sales pro.

Watch soon for a wild, new service that can help you train on your own time, own pace. This is for individuals and can be customized for whole sales forces, using video, audio and text files. It’s one of the most unusual ways to embed learning you’ll ever encounter.

We’ll announce it soon at Want details sooner? Contact me, Dan Seidman at or 847-359-7860.