Territory Trouble

A long-married couple was sitting in their living room. He was asleep in his favorite chair. She was watching TV. Suddenly, a violent tornado struck the house. It ripped off the roof, picked the man and woman up, swirled them in the air, and deposited them a mile from home. The husband, seeing his wife sobbing, said, “Stop crying, can’t you see we’re safe?”

She whimpered, “I’m crying because I’m so happy. This is the first time we’ve been out together in ten years.”

So when was the last time you visited your territory? When did you last engage in a saturation campaign to declare – to your little, finite world – that you still exist?

Get out. Get a date with some of those old prospects. We could think of a rockpile of reasons that they’re ready to talk to you…

They’re unhappy with their existing service provider who is taking the relationship for granted.

They’re spending too much for similar services and need to review costs to compare what you can do for them.

Your old contact is retired or fired or dead, and the new buyer doesn’t know who you are.

Get out, and start ’08 with a tornado of activity in your backyard. And see what kind of business you can send spinning in your direction.

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