Thank you, Thanksgiving

There’s an old concept called “Count your blessings.” So I’ll do that here today, the day we want to be thankful for everything we can think of.

Thank you for all my sales friends who put Sales Autopsy at the #1 business best-seller position with Barnes & Noble in October.

Thank you my 2 million plus readers who laugh and learn through my sales horror stories in magazines like Agent’s Sales Journal, Independent Agent Magazine, Advantages, HIU and more.

And when you contact me after reading a tale or two to invite me to speak at your national sales conference, I’m grateful for the additional exposure and income from speaking.

Then, when I speak and you offer up more selling blunders during our “confession session,” I’m further thankful for more stories to share with my reading audience (it’s like The Circle of Life!).

I’m thankful for my wife who supported me when Sales Autopsy was just a funny idea that turned into a vision and into a viable, profitable, incredibly fun business.

I’m thankful for the Bob Pike Group and key executives there, Bob, Betsy & Russ who have made an intellectual property guy’s dream come true. The company has seen the value of Sales Autopsy thinking and strategies and turned it into an incredible sales training program which I’d put up against anything in the marketplace. And anything includes Miller Heiman, Sandler, Carnegie, SPIN and more – all of whom endorsed my approach to teaching reps from way back at the beginning.

I’m thankful for the rest of my family.

I’m incredibly thankful for my Sunrise Hoops guys. Having a place to play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 4:45am is a huge stress relief and gives me joy in my other area of expertise – basketball (by the way, any readers who might be in the Chicago area and want to run, track me down).

I’m thankful most of all for this incredible planet we live on because it’s a reflection of the Creator who put us here (sorry, but evolution takes a bit more faith than I have).

Have a GREAT thanksgiving and when was the last time you created a list like this? I’d love to see yours!

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