Thank You without a Sales Strategy Attached

Two weeks ago I did a radio show with Tony Parinello, one of my favorite people on the planet and one of the sharpest sales minds in the same locale.

He recommended (so I’m doing it for my readers) that you send a thank you note to everyone in your world.

Just a simple “Thank you for working with me. Your business helps feed my family. And for that I’m very, very grateful.”

No special offer, no business card inside, nothing but pure appreciation.

Then maybe skip the holiday card in December anyway.

If you want a fun, other perspective on gratitude, check out my previous writing on “Poorly-paid Insects”

And thank you friends and fans of Sales Autopsy, it’s been a fantastic, fun & funny ride. You’ve put me where I am as an author and sales consultant. And I, as well as my precious Princess Bride, am grateful.

May you experience rich blessings and great surprises as you move from Thanksgiving, into the Holidays, and through the New Year.


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