The Concept of Congruency

Brian Blair, now a county commissioner in Tampa, Fla., asserted in a 2002 lawsuit that he had been forced into retirement from his previous career as a professional wrestler after he tripped over a tray of dishes and hurt himself at a Carrabba’s restaurant. Blair announced in August 2007 that a settlement had been reached with Carrabba’s, and thus he would not explain (according to a deposition cited by Carrabba’s attorneys) how the “career-ending” injury allowed him to keep lucrative wrestling dates in Japan months after he fell, or how he registered a .089 blood-alcohol reading that evening even though he admitted to only one sip of wine, or how a sober professional wrestler accustomed to being thrown across a ring could be hurt so badly by a simple fall, or how a politician who generally abides a pro-business, anti-lawsuit philosophy could have initiated such litigation. [Tampa Tribune, 8-25-07]

In selling, congruency is a critical concept when you are interacting with prospects.

Congruent refers to a state of agreement. And, no it’s not agreement with the prospect. This is about your behavior and language agreeing with each other. In essence do you walk your talk?

Our politician above exhibited behavior that was completely incongruent with what he claimed to stand for.

In selling you want to show that you are honest and put the prospect’s concern above your own. If you pay lip service to that, then push for your solution, you reveal yourself as a snake – a sneaky sales rep who will do anything to close the deal.

Congruency – it’s the foundation of a great rep’s breakfast (and lunch and dinner). Got it? Good!

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