The Day after Halloween

You know what today is?

The day we start sorting out candy!

The great stuff – yeah!!! This isn’t for the kids. I’m hiding this for Wendy & I. Ooh, Twix? I’m hiding this from Wendy.

Okay stuff – I’ll take to work.

Junky stuff – I didn’t even know they made this anymore. I’ll just throw it outside and feed it to the squirrels.

Then there are those little boxes of raisins. Kids eat ‘em, but compared to candy, today they’re squirrel bait.

My kids love raisins. They don’t eat candy, never have. The wife and I aren’t weird, just conscious of health and energy and how sugar can create flying, screaming, miniature monsters.

How well do you manage your energy through your selling day?

Do you crash after lunch? Are you a morning person, afternoon person?

Good habits, good eating produces smooth steady effort and actually gives you more minutes to your day.

And more productive minutes translates into increased performance and commissions.

More money is like the great stuff, the best candy. Lost time is like the junky stuff – it’s worthless.

So don’t be a squirrel brain.

Eat well and you’ll sell better. You know it’s true, so when will you act on that truth?

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