The Psychology of Surprise

I woke up, woke up my wife, woke up my kids, then got them ready for school and her ready for work (okay, not exactly what happened, but you get the picture).

Walking outside to meet the school bus we encounter a giant wooden stork on the lawn with a sign congratulating me on my new baby – Sales Autopsy (the new book –


It was from my wife’s parents. A great surprise – funny, unexpected, yet a perfect metaphor for bringing a book to life – birth.

How do you surprise your clients and prospects?

You can send a message that you care and are fun to do business with and are a creative soul by offering something to delight the hearts of your clients and potential clients.

I’ve created a Sales Comic Book (, a video game Revenge of the Reps (, and I regularly email unusual news items that keep me top of mind of the people who feed my family.

What can you do to surprise someone today?

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