They’ll never Watch another Movie

Weird disorders in the news recently included prosopagnosia, the inability of a person to remember people by their faces, even one’s immediate family. Researchers will soon declare that prosopagnosia (which also, obviously, inhibits sufferers’ ability to enjoy movies) is less rare than previously believed, according to a June Boston Globe story. [The Mirror (London), 7-4-06] [Boston Globe, 6-14-06]

Memory is critical to sales success.

Unfortunately, failed memory skills are directly related to contact managers and other electronic versions of our brains.

Great conversationalists recall the little things that touch another person. These include those references to personal experiences, likes and dislikes and other bits of information that don’t always go into the notes section of your database.

Build up your brainpower by memorizing favorite film lines, poems and songs. Tthe ones you already know don’t count. You should refresh your mind somehow daily.

Strengthen that brain and the daily movie that is your selling life can have many more happier endings.

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