Thinking Ahead, Way Ahead…

Homeland Security has now, in its infinite wisdom, decided that some liquids are okay to carry on the plane. IF you buy them at the airport after going through security!

As my brother who sent this to me noted, “The powerful airport terminal store lobby strikes!”

Hey, let’s figure out a way to rip off passengers! They can only buy from us at outrageously inflated prices. You know where they got this grand idea? Sounds a bit like the oil companies.

This choice is a perfect example where the ability to predict the future distinguishes great decision-makers from professional screw-ups.

Think about this;

Liquids/gels could be dangerous.

But they can now be purchased in the airport itself.

Are security procedures in place related to shipment and stocking of product at the stores?

Are security procedures in place related to the manufacture of lipstick, shaving lotions, perfume and more? Anyone could smuggle a dangerous version of these products into a box meant for airport store delivery.

Are security procedures in place to screen retail personnel when they’re hired?

Think, sales pros!

Look at every way that your actions could have an effect on the world, your world of prospects, clients, colleagues and family members way, way down the road.

Again, great decision-makers have the ability to predict the future.

How do you rate yourself? Great, okay or need work on this?

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