Today, Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 we are sending out around 700,000 emails to sales pros and entrepreneurs to ask them to buy Sales Autopsy, my new book.

Buyers will receive a bunch of goodies from sales authorities across the planet. Details are here: SalesAutopsy_cF.jpg

But you must buy the book from Barnes & Noble online. See that url above for details on how to do that and receive your gifts.

The Sales Autopsy book reveals 50 of my funniest sales horror stories out of over 600 collected. The postmortems reveal seven critical strategies that sales pros must employ in order to distinguish themselves from anyone else who sells. This is not only hilarious reading, but insightful and useful coaching for you.

Please buy the book, you probably need to buy the book, buy now you know this is something that can help you take more money home to your family…


Dan Seidman

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