Today, Please Think About Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 17th, we are running a Barnes & Noble best-seller campaign for my new book Sales Autopsy.

SalesAutopsy_cF.jpg (link to go live later today, Monday)

Buyers of the book, TOMORROW, will get a load of free gifts, downloadable audio files, e-books and more from over a dozen sales experts.

Why, you might ask, are we working with Barnes & Noble, rather than Amazon?Couple reasons this is a BN campaign; BN is doing a big brick and mortar co-op program with my publisher, Kaplan. Also, for over a month, Amazon has “lost” the cover image of Sales Autopsy and it’s not on the book page. How a company in the business of showing pictures of its products can lose a picture is baffling to all of us. In addition, they have some sort of “que,” like going to the back of the line, that is delaying the insertion of the second image Kaplan sent.

Silly that a major publisher is treated this way while anyone who self-publishes can get their products up fairly fast.

The difference for you, as a buyer, is BN – 20% discount, Amazon – 30%. If someone is that cheap, I would think, as sales pros, that we’d be nervous about that kind of buyer/shopper. So for about a $1.90, someone doesn’t want the gifts?

When you think about it, dealing with good and bad decision-makers defines the life of a salesperson.

(You had to figure that, even with today’s post being an ad for the Sales Autopsy book, I’d still sneak in a thought to sell by)

See you tomorrow at

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