Topless Skull Confirms Earliest Autopsy

The earliest confirmed autopsy in North America was conducted more than 400 years ago by French colonists desperate to determine what was killing them as they endured a rugged winter on St. Croix Island, scientists concluded.

The skull in question was discovered during excavations by the National Park Service in June 2003. The top of the skull had been removed to expose the brain; the skull cap was replaced before the body was buried, the scientists said. (Discovery Channel)

Everyone wants the scoop on failure and death. Okay, so “scoop” was a poor choice of words, given the image of a head with it’s lid off. But figuring out failure is a sign of maturity in selling and a sign of skill in management.

You should be reviewing every sales call to analyze what went wrong and what went right.

Did you gain rapport at the beginning?

Ask great questions to lead the prospect down the path to the close?

Leave with a yes, no or well-defined next step?

Autopsy often, your sales brain will get bigger, faster – guaranteed.

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