Town Disappears!

ELKPORT, Iowa (AP) — Within days, tiny Elkport will be wiped off the map.

It’s rare that a 150-year-old community disappears, but the heavy rains that caused Elk Creek to swell and breach its dike in May 2004 were anything but ordinary.

Within hours, the northeast Iowa town was consumed by floodwaters that left homes under as much as 15 feet of water, prompting a disaster declaration by President Bush.

“Never in my life did I think we’d get flooded the way we did,” said Roger Bolsinger, Elkport’s 56-year-old mayor. “The only thing we could do was get people out of town as fast as possible.”

The northeast Iowa town has been deserted ever since.

What if you as a salesperson could make anything disappear? Anything! Bad prospects, horrid managers, caller i.d., the word “NO.”

And would you be satisfied if “it” simply faded away or would you like it to explode in a dramatic fashion, showing the world your power, while showering other salespeople with the benefits of your ability?

If you think about this, you really can make things disappear.

Learn to recognize bad prospects and avoid them.

Don’t work for horrid managers, go somewhere else. But it might even be easier to stick around, do more than your job and ignore the joker.

Clients wouldn’t react to caller i.d. by hiding from you, if you had a better relationship, right? Treat them like family (the good members, not the other ones).

Finally, NO is a good word. You don’t want to get rid of that. Good reps love “no,” it helps them move on.

The point of all this is that you have more control over your life, and over others, than you realize.

If it takes a flood to finish off a whole town, you should be delighted at how easy you can wash away the things that annoy you. Take control – today.

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