Transparent Buildings & Sales

Someone has invented “see through” concrete. Obvious applications include transparent security barriers and giving the appearance of space and light in small houses and apartments. Ref: New York Times (US)

How wild is that? There’s an interesting parallel with this invention and the old ways, the old days of sales.

The buyer rarely knew what was going on. Today they’ve experience our techniques for so long, our approaches can be predictable and irritate prospects.

Are you a bit too transparent, too “old school” in your tactics?

Ask yourself this: “How obvious are my selling strategies?”

If the answer lands somewhere around “they can see right through me,” you need to alter your approach, be more real and help others buy, rather than coming across like badly portrayed salesman from an old movie like Used Cars.

So don’t let ’em see you coming, don’t let ’em see you sweat and don’t let ’em see where you’re going either – no “see through” techniques.

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