Turkey Sale Dies

Greg’s Healthy Eating Pitch Dies a Bloody Death

Our health food store was running a sales contest. It was a big push to sell our expensive, organic Thanksgiving turkeys.

A woman and her daughter came in and began firing objections at me – too expensive was, of course, the favorite.

I flew through the benefits of our turkeys. They are hormone free. They eat grain, good grain – without drugs or chemical additives. The birds roam freely and are well watered. So they’re quite happy. In essence, I painted a scenic picture of Old McDonald’s farm.

To provide a dramatic contrast to ordinary turkeys, I shared the life of a typical frozen turkey. They are crammed into cages where their beaks are sawed off. They’re often sick and injured from the wire cages and so are loaded up with antibiotics. These drugs are now in your food and when you get sick, the doctor’s drugs don’t work as well since your body is building up a store through all the ordinary farm animals’ meat you eat.

I wrapped up my persuasive pitch with a dynamic description of a frozen turkey vs. a recently slaughtered, fresh bird.

The growing look of horror on my customers’ faces told it all. I’d killed the sale.

POSTMORTEM: Greg! Your wild description of a great product overwhelmed the senses of your customers. So basically, your excitement over-rode your own sales sense. Obviously you dumped all your turkey news when you should have been asking questions: “Have you ever bought something more expensive than you planned?” “Is healthy eating a concern, along with good eating this holiday?” You get the picture. By way of encouragement, remember that some prospects are looking for reasons not to buy anyway. That might be what happened to you – they wanted an excuse not to spend the money on a real premium bird. Ask great questions and your prospects will talk themselves into the sale.

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