Another common theme I’ve seen in sales horror stories centers on the fact that prospects are mostly quite unforgiving.

You make a mistake and they move on.

There are too many choices. You talk too much, are rude to the assistant, too persistent in following up, disparage competitors or any of many more sales-like behaviors, and you have just disqualified yourself from consideration.

Two things to think on – you can be respectful and professional in your interactions and you won’t be antagonizing anyone.

Or, you mess up and you have to call yourself out. “I am so sorry, how stupid of me. You must think I’m my company’s village idiot. You probably don’t want to do business with someone like this anyway.”

Don’t be surprised if the prospect says, “Hey, I’ve done dumb things, too. It’s okay, let’s keep going.”

And you attain forgiveness.

So be real, be humble and you can repair a mistake before it costs you the close.

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