US Postal Service

Please go out of business!

American doesn’t need your horrible service. 5 stations with one worker and 12 people in line is too typical. I guess everyone in back is getting a well-deserved break.

We don’t need your deceptive “promises.” My Monday “Priority” package to my sales buddy in Birmingham, AL was supposed to take “two days average.” The words “about” or “average” do not amount to a promise. As of Friday, end of day, no package has arrived. This is why people switch to FedEx and UPS – they deliver, literally, on their promises.

U.S. citizens, some who call themselves patriots, don’t need your color scheme or use of the American Eagle logo. You borrow the brand of the greatest country on the planet, then represent it with horrible business practices, skyrocketing prices and poor people skills. Sure, you’re a government organization. Can’t you just pretend that you’re like a bad penny, so we can place you on the railroad tracks of commerce and laugh as you’re flattened by the competition?

You readers think this rant is just about one bad experience of mine? There have been dozens over the past couple years. These bad practices are regular practices by good old USPS.

You can laugh now, what will you do in a month, when the holidays hit?

Every business sells every day, even when they make no money. They sell reputation and perception. And buyers buy based on those two factors.

So how well do you sell when you’re not selling?

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