Valentine’s Day, New Brides and New Clients

I’m newly married and Valentine’s Day is creeping up. What do I do? Well, everything I stand for in selling is about standing out from everyone else.

So I thought everyone gets roses, I’ll be different and get something truly unique. My Princess Bride will be overjoyed at my creativity.

But what would I do? Then it hit me. Remember Venus – Goddess of Love from mythology? I’ll do something related to Venus.

So I got her a plant – a Venus Flytrap.

You know, they’re the little plants that slam shut on insects when they crawl into them. Digestive juices begin to dissolve the little bugs which end up as plant food.

Then I felt bad at the store buying them, they were so inexpensive.

But I felt better by getting her two.

Gotta be honest, it didn’t go over very well.

So I wasn’t always smart about new relationships, but funny comes in handy while you’re learning.

When you have new clients, it’s a tenuous time. They’re trying to figure out if they made the right decision. You’re trying to figure out if you have a long-term relationship planted in your sales garden.

Go do something special. And no, it’s not giving them some goofy advertising specialty item with your company logo on it. Go for unique and memorable.

Spend the money on a great gift basket (fruit and nuts are safe and colorful). Buy a gift card to a nice restaurant. Just think of something special that says, “Thank you for saying YES and thank you for believing in us and thank you for feeding my family.”

You do that and you’ll seed the relationship to last longer than a quick-blooming holiday rose.

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