Wacky Dreams, Living Large, Living Long…

For my 95th birthday, I want to swim from Catalina Island to Los Angeles underwater (54 miles).

I would use air tanks, and it would take me about 22 hours.

But my wife says she would divorce me if I do it (married 54 years). I’m almost 92 now, so I still have three years to convince her to let me.

Fitness Icon Jack La Lanne
Muscle & Body Magazine August 2006

Wow! This man, heading in age toward the century mark, is still dreaming big.

As a former Mr. America, La Lanne started the fitness craze in 1936. What an influencer he is on our lives today.

What are your dreams? Are they spectacular, dramatic and colorful?

Or are they gray?

When I was young, I would track down authors who inspired me and speak to them. These conversations propelled me to write and influence my peers in the selling world. That dream is being fulfilled today, I have close to 2 million monthly readers.

When I began to get paid to speak at national sales conferences, I began to listen and view world-class speakers. Again I tracked down many of them, like Jeffrey Gitomer, and was further inspired to dream of my potential as a presenter.

What is your dream and what can add fuel to it, so it lights up your life with passion and purpose?

So where will you be in two or three or five decades?

In fact, maybe Jack La Lanne is proof that dreaming big and living long are somehow connected.

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