Weird Sales Training Experience

Sales Counselor

Sales Counselor

Yesterday I’m with a financial services client and partway through the morning’s sales training I do a “confession session” where reps share their most embarrassing moment. It’s a very funny time.

This slide (pictured here) is up on the screen and during the break a woman walks up.

“I’m very offended by that image.”

“You are?” People start to gather when they hear the energy in her voice.

“Yes, it is very obvious that the man is looking up her skirt.”

“Are you serious?” I say.

Then silence as everyone around peers closely at the picture.

A man says, “But he has no eyes!”

She retorts, “He is looking up her skirt and it is very offensive.”

I’m shocked and struggle with whether to make a witty comment or a sarcastic one, then resign myself to…

“I’ll have to get that guy a male psychologist.”

Here’s the thought for you selling pros:

What kind of baggage is she bringing into the training?

What kind of baggage do your prospects bring to the selling table?

Everyone has concerns, complicated by biases in their background. Your job is to discover what they are, allay fears and get buyers to say Yes! or No!

How good are your questioning practices? Are they great? If not, why not? Your ability to uncover the heart and mind of the buyer will help you paint a picture of prosperity for them, as they partner with you.

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