What are you thinking…?!?

Coast Guard officials said they rescued Louis Pasquale, 35, near Freeport, N.Y., in September as he was towing his disabled 35-foot fishing boat back to port 20 miles away by dragging it behind an inflatable boat he was paddling against the current. (He had covered about 100 yards in three hours.) [Newsday, 9-20-07]

Perhaps the most common theme you’ll see swimming through my writing is this;

What activities are you engaging in that are detrimental to your selling health?

Ruthlessly, relentlessly, VICIOUSLY remove – from your sales day – anything which does not lead directly to closed business.

That’s smart, that’s good decision-making, that’s not rowing against the tide.

You’ll spend more time fishing and landing those elusive, big fat greenbacks.

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