When 2nd is Best in Selling

I have a good friend who recently got divorced. Two kids, husband was an athletic, engaging, professional guy.

She is now completely mortified about what she’s done. Her comment “who was that when I thought those things and ended my marriage? It wasn’t me!”

A good psychologist might have counseled her during her dark period to go into 2nd position when analyzing her trouble and frustration with her marriage.

2nd position is where a person mentally steps back from their dialogue with a spouse and “watches” herself interact with the other person. In essence, she is observing, from afar, how she is acting and thinking.

2nd position is the ultimate coaching strategy. Because most solutions can be found inside the person whose behavior needs to change. They just have to get out of the moment of conflict and watch who they are.

This might sound confusing, but it isn’t that hard to do. And to simplify it further, you can also do this immediately after something happens, analyzing a situation by reviewing tape in your mind.

Salespeople can gain great value from getting into 2nd position when they sell to see what really is happening with a prospect. Am I starting to get anxious on this call? Is the prospect appearing to disengage? Is my body language poor?

Think about doing this the next time you converse with anyone. It’ll be good practice for you professional life.

And you’ll quickly realize how and when 2nd is best in selling.

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