Whiskey, Religion and Sales

After visiting Ireland and Scotland last year, a couple got into a debate with another pair as to which whiskey was stronger, Scotch or Irish. One explained why he was so sure Irish was stronger; “My wife and I drank a quart of it one night and got up the next morning and went to six o’clock Mass.”

A challenger demanded just what that proved.

The man explained, “We’re both Methodists.”

What do you believe strongly about your product or service?

And, about what are you unconvinced?

Your heart and head are constantly sending you messages about your personal product beliefs – the price is too high, customers are too tough, the economy is rough.

If you’re unsure of the quality of your offerings, it could be too easy for you to “switch religions.” That is, you move on to another job or industry, rather than get great at what you’re selling today.

Your beliefs form the baseline of your performance.

Be positive and stay strong and you’ll find plenty of prospects with money for you.

You gotta believe that – or selling could drive you to drink.

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