Windblown Cats & Reps

My little brother, Kenny, just had a problem at home – heavy rains caused flooding on his first floor.

So the insurance company sends a cleanup crew with gigantic fans to help air out the place.

The two cats who reside there (or run the place, as cat lovers might believe) are curious about the fans, so the bravest one walks toward the loud device, sticks its nose around the front of it, then quickly runs down the hall, away from the force of the wind.

Moments later, my brother hears the cat crying and looks down the hall.

The cat is attempting to walk back toward the fan, but the force is so strong that the animal is only walking in place, fur forced back by the wind.

Curiosity has turned into confusion as the pet continues to cry for help.

Kenny scoops the little one up, walks into and beyond the blowing wind and places the animal into the safe zone behind the fan.

Question for you sales reps – do you ever get stuck somewhere and are not sure how to unstick yourself?

It might be boxing yourself into an objection you’ve encountered, but can’t yet handle.

It might be you’re sitting on a sales plateau that is too low to give you the money you’d like to be earning.

Or it might be that the job you’re in has no future, and you’re not sure how to leave or where to go.

If any of these strike a chord, you’re heading into the fan and need some help to get out.

Find that mentor – I’ve been encouraging you to do this for long enough.

Or just find the guts to step out in faith and get training, or interview for that better job.

So shame on all of us who are pushing against that mighty wind and are (hopefully) smarter than a cat.

Go get help, and you can know you’re heading into a GREAT ’08!

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